Panelsensor brings you version 1.1.0 ! Open beta is here!

Changes, fixes and interesting add-ons that came with version 1.1.0

This is the first blog post regarding our application updates, with many more following from now on , so that you can keep track with the fast-changing nature of our app ! Stay tuned for more changes and don't forget to send your feedback ! We want to provide you with the best possible experience and we need your help to do it !
New panelsensor updates !

Version 1.1.0 changelog

  • Added agenda entry edit functionality

  • Changed Presentation Wall UI and position, for better performance and availability. You can now see exactly what is happening, from your administration tab.

  • Added "Survey Review" button for survey's that are in draft status, so that you can review what you typed. Edit functionality for survey's and polls will be introduced later this week !

  • Added basic report functionality.

  • You can now change your event status to completed through the edit event button

  • Panel status is now visible from the panel dropdown menu ! Checking which panel is active just made easier.

  • Minor bug fixes, as well as some visual performance alterations ! New panelsensor updates !

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