Are you using Panelsensor at your event? Pre-event best practices!

You have created your Panelsensor account, set up your event, added your panels. But what should you do before the event, so that you will get the most out of Panelsensor during the event?


Here are some simple, yet very effective tips that will help you be 100% ready for your event!

Inform your speakers!

Let your speakers know that Panelsensor will be used in your event. Send them an email and inform them that they can answer to questions asked through Panelsensor and also they can use live polls during their prsentations. We suggest to ask them send you their polls at least two or three days prior to the event, so that you can avoid last munite requests.

Prepare informational material for the audience

In this case we suggest you share a brochure with your audience during the registration. Make sure that this brochure contains the name and password of the venue's wifi network. Also, make sure that you briefly describe to your audience the benefits that Panelsensor offers to them. Don't forget to include your event's unique ID (e.g.

Show the link in the beginning of each session

Prepare a slide with a brief message, such as:

"You can ask your questions and answer to polls using your smart devices, through this link..."

We suggest to show this slide for about half a minute, at the beginning of each session. Encourage your speakers or panel moderators to suggest to the audience to use Panelsensor. You will generate even greater results.

That's some tips that we share with you, based on our personal experience using Panelsensor. We would be happy to share with you some templates with the material that we describe above, so that you can save time from preparing something from scratch.