Market your event on-site!

By Manolis Kyriakakis


On last week’s article I mentioned some practical tips regarding pre-event marketing. As stated there, this article is about marketing your event on the spot! Congratulations! You made it and the delegates are already in the venue, paid the ticket or if we are talking about a free-entrance event, they have decided to spend their precious time at your event. So, let’s get started!

Your customer is there! What are you waiting for?

A good start would be to get an instant insight about your customer’s experience during the event. Get your team out and ask for feedback. What are the benefits? Amongst many, you are getting to know your audience better. You can learn what they like or what they don’t. Secondly, even if you find out about a negative experience (which is the most important) you can act immediately and change that. If not at the exact time, at least at your next event. I assure you that if you make an attendee feel that special, you will gain his loyalty for the rest of his life.

Real-time event analytics offer endless possibilities

Furthermore, event technology can empower you with some great tools! There are plenty of real-time event analytics tools that can offer you priceless insights. That means using such a tool will help you monitor your event’s engagement rates. For example, if you see a drop on the attendees entertainment levels, you can take immediate action and try to cheer it up a bit by making a big announcement.

Did I mention that next year's event has already begun?

Talking about announcements, here is another great idea, especially for annual events. Start marketing next year’s event at that specific time. Are you planning Conference X 2015? Awesome! Make the announcement while Conference X 2014 is at its top moment. You may also offer a discount for people that will pre-order their tickets immediately.

Always remember: Everybody likes games!

Last but not least, you should consider adding gamification elements to your event. For example, you can give a prize for the most social media friendly (to your event) attendee. Recent reports state that gamification is a very important parameter correlated to attendee retention.

That’s all for now. Until next week and the next panelsensor blog article which will be referred to post-event marketing take care of yourselves and enjoy your events!