Is your event marketing on the right path?

By Manolis Kyriakakis


One of the major aspects to drive delegate acquisition is an event's marketing strategy. Event marketers are constantly looking for ways to increase delegate acquisition rates by trying to market an event as interesting, engaging and inspiring. This article won't refer to this. In this article I am going to talk about some practical tips that could help event producers and marketers acquire more attendees.

This subject is huge to cover in just one post. In this article I will go through some brief tips that could help your pre-event marketing strategy. The following two articles will be about your marketing strategy during and after your events.

One of the major concerns of event marketers is how to make their events visible. Branding is one major aspect on this topic. You should choose your conference logo and visuals carefully. A strong logo will help your event be more recognizable and help you communicate value to your attendees powerfully. You should not forget that branding makes it easier to tell a better story. So, a good start would be to strengthen your visual presence. Experiment on your logo, by looking for something unique and out of the box.

Drive delegates to your site

I'm sure that the vast majority of event marketers are familiar with ways to do that. I will only briefly mention some ways. Technology and digital media give us multiple channels to acquire potential attendees to an event website. Such tools are social media ads, PPC campaigns or even traditional digital ads (adwords). You could also use content marketing and of course your personal network of social partners to communicate your message to your attendees.

Your event's website

You should have in mind that you must get your website live early enough. Start by using limited initial content, such us content from previous events. It's essential to mention why someone should attend your event and of course someone could be able to see the 5 Ws of event marketing. That's Who, When, What, Why, Where.

When you finally drive your customer to your website, you have to make his or her life easier. Make it easy for them to navigate. Another important thing, especially in our times, is to make it mobile-friendly. This could also prove to be useful in later stages of event marketing.

At this point you have to think of your primary goal. This is no other than to make the potential attendee register to your event. Make sure that your website's visitor will be able to register at any time. Don't force him look for the registration button or the registration form, because guess what. You will lose him.

Is that all?

Well, is that all? Is your job over and the only thing that your have to do is to pass the relevant info to the sales team? No! Event marketing doesn't stop there. Conversion is not taken for granted and you definitely should keep pushing.

Provide your future attendees with new info through your mail marketing. Give reasons to people who have not signed up yet, to do so. Offer them incentives such us networking opportunities or even more relevant content to their needs. You can also engage them through your social media accounts by sharing content that shows what they will lose if they won't sign up and attend this once-in-a-lifetime event.


What was mentioned above are just some tips that I hope to prove useful to you. Although there is a great variety of tools that can be used to make an event successful, it's pretty important to use them right in order to achieve your goal.

My next article will refer to some tips that can be used during the event. Until then stay tuned!