Why should event planners care about gamification?

By Manolis Kyriakakis


Hi there! In the previous week’s article we shared some tips to attract more sponsorships. Today, we are going to talk about a much more entertaining topic. Gamification in events! Everyone likes playing games. Some people more and others, but we all used to play games especially when we were younger. The reason is simple. Games are funny and engaging. Some can be so addictive that you can often loose track of time while playing.

The trend

Over the last few years, it has been observed that event planners are trying to integrate gamification to their events. They are trying to use game principles and apply them on their events, so that they can increase attendees engagement and offer a special unforgettable event experience to their audience. The most common way to do this is by creating a game in order to increase the exposure and impact of a sponsor’s product or service.

Event tech at its prime

There have been many changes lately in the event industry and there are far more options offered to an event planner in order to achieve this goal. Right now, event technology is at its prime and event organizers can make their events more entertaining and engaging by using event apps that enhance engagement and gamification through many different features. Two examples are live Q&A or polling sessions during events and sometimes these are accompanied by contests, raffles/lotteries or other incentives that event planners or sponsors offer.

The benefits

What is mentioned above enhances audience participation and engagement. The attendees feel as part of the experience and feel the event as their own. There are also more benefits that are measurable too such as higher attendance during low period session and increase in engagement with sponsors and exhibitors. Another benefit of gamification may be a higher impact on social media due to the hype that is created.Last but not least, we should never forget that the attendees will have a nice time and enjoy themselves. In other words, an event that integrates gamification is not just another run-of-the-mill event.

Be cautious

Be cautious though. Gamification is extremely valuable for modern events, but there is always a risk of “over-engagement” with the game. You don’t want your audience to be distracted and fully concentrated on the game. That’s why, you have to choose the right gamification level for your event. How? It’s important to know your audience and its needs. Then, based on that create realistic goals. Remember that different audiences have different needs!