4+1 Tips to get more sponsorships!

By Manolis Kyriakakis


Our previous blog-posts were related mainly to speakers. Today’s post is all about event organizers and one of their biggest headaches. Yeah, you guessed correctly. Sponsorships!

It’s a fact that over the last few years there is a drop in the overall budget of many events. This has led to an even bigger need for event organizers, to attract and confirm more sponsorship deals. But, what is a brand looking for when sponsoring an event?


Firstly, in order to have a better chance in closing a sponsorship deal you need to know who you are talking to. You will offer a sponsorship plan to companies that really have something to gain from your event. Meaning that their products could make a good match to the content of your event and the needs of your event’s attendees.

History & Track record

You’ll have to show them a track record of your previous events. Brands want to see that their money will be managed by someone with experience and a track record of successful events. This is how you build your credibility. HR experts believe that past behavior is the best indicator for future behavior. So do brands. You need to show them that you can organize top-quality events. But what does “quality” mean?

Quality attendees

While sponsoring an event, a brand wants to generate quality leads. Leads from people that have a true interest and a true need of the brands' products. Obviously high level content is vital to attract attendees. But how do you prove that not only there are important and high level professionals attending your events, but that these people are potential customers. How do you know that? Probably with reports based on the feedback or registration forms. Once you can assure that you can attract the right audience for the sponsored brands of the event then you have to attract as many as you can.


Yes, quantity is an important indicator. The more people you attract to your events, the most probable that you will attract more sponsors. Many attendees mean many potential customers for companies that are willing to “spend money” in sponsoring events. Make sure that you make them well aware of how many people are attending your events!

One last tip

An extra tip? When looking for sponsorships, never ask for more than you really need. Excessive requirements will show to the prospective sponsors that you cannot estimate your true needs and that you don’t manage your resources properly.