How does a young man break out into the field of public speaking?

By Manolis Kyriakakis.

public speaking Tony Robbins

Hi there! It has been a long time since our last talk! This is because there is really too much work for us to do here, which is something good, but I would difinitely prefer to be able to write more often. I hope you share the same feelings. Today’s topic is about young people who want to break out into the public speaking industry. I noticed in various social networks that many young people are looking for advice on how to become professional public speakers or as I witnessed in a discussion “the next Tony Robbins”. There were also similar questions like “Do I need a company to start speaking?” or "Do I have to join a speaker association?". In this post, I’ll try to give some tips and answer to such questions.

What are you going to talk about?

First step, decide who you really want to be. What I mean here is that YOU have to decide what kind of public speaker you want to be. It has to do with your stories and life experience. What do you have to offer to the audience that is so valuable? Many people are thinking that they do not have a topic to talk about. Wrong! Any personal experience is a perspective topic. It could be an experience from the college, a summer job, experience from trips, anything as long as it is valuable or inspiring! This is one of the most critical decisions, because don't forget that "a mouth without a message, is just a mouth"!

Choose your audience!

So let’s move on. Next step, who is your target audience? Is it going to be business people or is it going be young people & college students? Every audience has different needs, so you have to be cautious with this choice or else your talks may fall on deaf ears.

Practice makes perfect!

Step three: Start practicing. Practice is one of the most important parts in every aspect of the human life, especially when it comes to public speaking. Start talking to your family or friends. Then move on and start speaking to small groups of people. Talk at schools, churches, at any group. Ask for feedback and use it to work on your weaknesses.

Speak, speak and.. speak!

However the tips above are important, the most crucial is this: You have to start now! Not next month, not next week, not tomorrow but now! Speak wherever, whenever. Do you need a company to start speaking? No! Do you want to be the next Tony Robbins? Again, the answer is NO! You want to be you. You want to be “You, the voyage experience speaker”, “Again you, the social media expert”. It’s all about you and the decisions that you have to take.