What's your story?

By Manolis Kyriakakis


Hi there! Last week I was trying to set up a presentation outline for a pitching event. I had my slides ready and all I was thinking of was to find some catchy phrases or jokes, so that I could easily catch the audience’s attention. I thought that this was a good and easy way to make your message clear to the attendees. Guess what! It was a sleepless night and the result? Absolutely nothing! The next day, we had a discussion with the rest of the team and.. BOOM! There was that! We decided just to tell our story. Okay, perhaps that was not a big surprise to you, but guess what! Our pitch made a really good impact.

Why should I tell a story?

In general, storytelling is one of the best ways to pass your message to the audience. And this is not all. Human minds tend to remember a story, much more than just some structured information presented by someone. So, if you want your audience (or customers if you are pitching your startup / MVP) to remember something and make an impression, then make up an awesome story. Sometimes a good story can do the job... Yes, I really mean that. No words! Not to mention the countless TEDx Talks. You can win the audience’s engagement if your story is inspiring, entertaining and sentimental like this one. Why? But because it is a real and exciting story, of course!

The counterfactual

Three days ago I attended a seminar, where an “expert” was talking about how storytelling could make your presentation or pitch attractive. Well, after two hours of speaking, that guy said not even one story! I was thinking: “Really man? You are here telling me that storytelling should be a vital part of my presentation and you are standing here for two hours and the only thing that you are saying to me is that you could do this or that, but you are not using even one story?” Of course, it was one of the most boring seminars that I have ever attended.

The surprise

Storytelling usually comes out from personal or professional experience. What’s even more interesting about it, is that these stories may contain something that could be extremely valuable to your listeners, and you may never realize this! Why? Because your stories may seem to you as your ordinary daily hazards but to others funny or exciting! Your daily routine may be a whole new experience for someone or even the most valuable advice!

Funny thing: As I am ending this post this song is playing in my mind! So, tell us everyone! What’s your story guys?