Transform your KPIs to KSIs!

By Manolis Kyriakakis

Measure your KPIs

At the previous blog post we talked about feedback and its importance to a professional’s or a business’ future evolution. This time our subject are KPIs (Key performance Indicators) and how they could lead to success.

KPIs Definition

Firstly, KPIs are defined as quantifiable measurements, agreed to beforehand that reflect the critical success factors on a project or an activity. Particularly, they defer depending on who sets them and the purpose of their existence. For example an organisation may set different KPIs from a professional’s or a freelancer’s KPIs. In order to have a meaning and give value KPIs have to be measurable.

Which KPIs should I use?

In general, KPIs reflect someone’s goals. If we talk about speakers, such Key Performance Indicators for a speech could be if a talk or a presentation met the audience’s expectations, or if listening to what his speech, the audience gained something valuable. This is an example of some measurable indicators that a speaker could use to track his performances and measure his progress.For a seller respectively, these indicators could be his sales per day or the monthly development of his customer list.

What's important about KPIs?

The key is to be able to track these indicators, so that someone could improve in his field of activity.The most important is to find the right indicators, which have a truthful meaning about the purpose that an indicator is used. Then, the next step is to find the right tool to measure them.

Transform your KPIs to KSIs!

Concluding, if someone achieves to find the right KPIs and measure them properly, he will possess a powerful weapon that could lead to success. This is how a Key Performance Indicator could transform into a Key Success Indicator!